First Trimester Diet and Exercise

As promised! As a follow up to TTC what-nots ( I am going to talk about what I changed when I found out I was pregnant. Since we had experienced a miscarriage I was pretty paranoid during my 1st Trimester. My diet and exercise changed pretty drastically.

Food. It goes without saying (or it should..) that I immediately stopped drinking alcohol completely. I honestly had no issues with this. I’m not much of a drinker nowadays anyways so that part was not hard for me. I had a friend who told me she craved beer while pregnant. I’m glad that was not me! I also switched to decaffeinated coffee for the most part. I did get some wicked headaches a few times that I curbed with “real” coffee. It was MUCH later in pregnancy, and I mean around 25 weeks, that I switched to half-caffeinated. My one pregnancy craving was Raspberry Snapple Iced Tea though so I did also get some caffeine from that. Some other foods you may or may not know you should not have. Deli meats, bleu cheese (this was tough for me), certain juices, sushi, limited fish, raw meat. The one thing about deli meat…you can have it if heated up. So on those days I really wanted a sandwich I would put the meat in the microwave for about 25 seconds and then put it in the fridge to cool back down. There may be other things not recommended…but those were the things that I specifically wanted that I had to watch for!

Exercise. This is tricky. I was so paranoid. I did not do too much for 8 weeks! I walked and hiked but did not run. I was so scared after that miscarriage! Now after that I had a little routine that worked well. From weeks 8-20 of pregnancy I would do 5 min run/3 min walk intervals on the treadmill. I also did some pretty intense hikes later in pregnancy. At 27 weeks we “accidentally” did a 7.5 mile hike! We were camping and just started hiking and next thing you know…we were too far in to turn around. Granted…we went pretty slow at certain points and I had to rest a lot. Your body will tell you when it needs to take a break. I promise.

The one thing I did until the day I delivered? Walked. I walked like a maniac! Every hour at work I would walk for 5 minutes and then each night I would take a 30 minute walk at home. Did it help? I have NO clue. But it made me feel better when I was 38 weeks pregnant and huge and feeling ridiculous.

I did not calorie count while pregnant and some people would disagree with me STRONGLY, but I do not see anything wrong with it if excessive weight gain is happening. The first trimester no diet change is recommended. The rest of the pregnancy is 300 additional calories a day. People take this way too lightly. If you use that each day to eat oreos you may have some issues. I’m not saying I didn’t do it a few times…but I would suggest not making it a habit! Once again my non-professional nutritionist suggesting would be at least getting 2000 calories a day. When I calorie count I aim for 1200 for weight loss and 1500 to maintain. I am very aware that is a low number. That is why I would suggest 2000 while pregnant!

For those scared of exercise…I get it. I really do. But your body needs it to prepare for labor. Even if it is just a nice 10 minute walk a day. Find something you like. That is safe. Don’t go out rollerblading. A fall doing that could cause harm. There are many women who do weight lifting and running up until delivery. It is all based on what your body was already immune to. I was a runner for many years. Running throughout my second trimester was fine for me and doctor approved. If you have not been very active and get pregnant-that is not the time to train for a 10k!

All in all? Follow general guidelines that you should really follow when not pregnant! Get your fruits and veggies. Get your exercise. And grow a healthy baby 🙂


Trying to Conceive (TTC)

I recently asked a friend of mine who is TTC (trying to conceive) what she thinks about the most and what questions pester her mind as she is going through the process. Not surprisingly, her answer was pregnancy diet and even her diet now as she is trying.

When we decided to start trying I started the process by calling my doctor and making an appointment. I had read about some specific things but I really felt it was important to get the doctor answers to my questions. Well, I’m not going to lie…that doctor really did not help me too much. She did an annual exam and prescribed me some prenatal vitamins (which I threw away and got the gummy kind-much easier on the tummy). Her biggest concern she said was making sure her mom-to-be’s are within in a healthy weight and BMI. A BMI that is too low or too high can both cause issues in getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy once conception takes place. Like I said-not a lot of help for me specifically (although, I still recommend it). Instead, I will talk about what I did and what I found on my own.

So TTC diet. I’m not even going to lie. I did not change a whole lot. If you have read my previous posts you know-I am a runner and I was training for a half marathon when we found out I was pregnant. So as far as diet-I ate a lot to replace the 700 calories I would burn after those long runs. As far as exercise (DISCLAIMER-I am NOT a medical professional and I am NOT a certified physical anything…) I would recommend if TTC you should be doing at least 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week. What do I base this on? I have put the website reference below, but the Mayo Clinic actually suggests 30 minutes every day of the week.

One thing I DID change. Caffeine intake. There were days I could easily drink 3 cups of coffee. I slowed my coffee down to one cup a day. If I did need that extra pick me up I always had half caffeine in the house. When I was at the doctor I asked if I needed to stop drinking alcohol while TTC and she said there has been nothing to support needing to stop an occasional glass of wine. What I personally did was watch my alcohol intake for the 10-14 days between ovulation and what would be implantation.

I will preface the most important part of TTC advice with this: I DID NOT DO THIS. But the most important thing: stop stressing. Stop wondering if every single thing you feel is a pregnancy symptom-you know…the day after you ovulated 😉 I was my own monthly stalker while we were trying. So I know it is easier said than done. The only time I was relaxed was the 14 days when I KNEW I was not pregnant or ovulation was coming. When did I get pregnant? When I dropped $100 on a half marathon and was in the 11th week of training. Am I saying you should sign up for a half marathon? Yes! Haha, just kidding. But do not plan your life around it. Plan a vacation. Not ready for a half marathon? Train for your first 5k.

With all that being said I will add…it can make your partner go crazy as well. My husband never said a word about my obsession (such a good husband). But after the fact I have thought to myself a million times…man, I must have seemed insane! “It’s day 11, I can have sushi.” “If I am pregnant this 2 mile hike won’t hurt.” So, again, just go live your life.  It will happen. It may be 10 months like it was for us, but it will be happen. And you know what, it will be worth every single month of trying. I have two friends right now who have to use other than traditional methods to get pregnant. Hearing what they have to pay makes me ache. But you know what? I would pay that money right here, right now, every single day if I had it to have my beautiful little girl that I do.

Next up…what I did during the first few months of pregnancy for diet and exercise!

Picture: me disc golfing at 10 weeks pregnant…before most people even knew. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense!