In one of my previous posts here I mentioned how I found an awesome recipe that I slightly adjust to make my coffee creamer. I actually use this recipe to make many things such as my favorite keto cookies and keto fudge. I will post both of those recipes soon!

I want to start with just making the creamer. I actually make a double batch of this and use half for creamer and the other half for a sweet treat throughout the week!

Above you will see my nutrition label on the left and store bought on the right. A serving of my creamer is 1 tablespoon but even so, two servings of mine is less than 6 g sugar compared to 22 g off the shelf. It’s a no brainer to me! Again, the recipe below is for a double batch of the creamer so if you don’t think you will use it or just want to do a trial run of it I would half the recipe below.


**This recipe can take up to 45 minutes so don’t start it if you are in a hurry! Most of it is inactive time but you will need to check it about every 10 minutes or so**

30% Whipping Cream – 2 pints

Sweetener (I use a stevia blend) – 2/3 Cup

Butter – 4 Tablespoons

Vanilla – 1 Tablespoon


1. Put all ingredients in a large pot and place stove on high. I was using a normal size sauce pan for the first month of making this and it just takes TOO long to boil. Especially for a double batch!

2. When ingredients come to a boil (I timed this batch and that happened around 12 minutes) reduce the heat to low. My stove goes up to a 9 on the dial and I turn it down to a 3 at this time, just as reference!

3. Around 20 minutes the creamer will start to brown and caramelize. Stir the creamer every 10 minutes or so just to avoid burning. Below are reference pictures to what it will look like throughout the process. When it is done it will be sticky and have an appearance of caramel. For this double batch it took almost an hour but I think I turned the heat down too soon!

As I mentioned, this was a double batch. I place 1 Cup in a measuring cup to bring to room temperature and the rest goes into the fridge for creamer!

Once the creamer is in the refrigerator for about two hours or so it will take a lighter color and be ready! Let me know how you like it!

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