Ugh, that title sounds so boring! But the truth is, I completely forget that people don’t generally read nutrition labels. Since I have always been a calorie counter I have a habit of reading most labels. However, with Keto? It became a whole new game!

I’m going to probably talk down to some now, but not on purpose! I recently learned a lot of people were unfamiliar with sugars. So carbohydrates are either starches or sugars (and fibers but we like those!!) The tricky one is sugar. I say this because sugar is hidden on a lot of labels using other fancy words. The trick here is to start by looking at a label for the carbs.

So the picture above is of sugar free chocolate chips that a recipe I was using called for. In blue is our carbs, in red our sugar. So 9 total carbs, 1 being fiber (fiber is good!) and notice it says 0g of sugar. Well I am standing in the store confused at the other 8g of carbs because let’s be honest, there is not a lot of starch in chocolate chips. So I google Maltitol. It’s a sugar alcohol! It literally has all the same properties as sugar except for browning. So I look at normal chocolate chips. Well dark chocolate because that is what we prefer.

They have less carbs! Needless to say the choice for me was easy. I totally bought the dark chocolate!

Another trick that these companies use is the “no sugar added” gimmick. Below is some oranges with no sugar added.

The no sugar added is sugar alcohol. Fruit is tricky because it is high in natural sugars. Below is a “normal” oranges. Please keep in mind these are not fresh items as I’m trying to show labels specifically!

So when you look at these two images it is important to point out that when you factor in the “fake” sugar the carbs in these two items are not that much different from each other. Personally if I were buying these items I would probably buy the one with more carbs because it will contain more of the natural sugar that fruit has.

I know a lot of people will completely argue that the ingredients are actually what should be focused on when looking at a label. And I’m not going to argue against that point. I’ve heard the common rule not to eat anything with more than 3 ingredients or any ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Again, both good tips. But for this post I was really trying to focus on those pesky sugars!

I hope this was helpful to some. More recipes have been requested so I plan on doing our house favorite dessert tomorrow…low carb of course!

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