I will start by saying…I am a runner. I do not like any other form of “working out.” I like hiking, swimming, walks, that sort of thing. But I highly doubt you will see me in a gym. I know, weight lifting and strength training is important. I really do know that. So no lectures, please 🙂 When I lost a lot of weight many years ago some weights were involved but it was mainly using my own body weight as resistance.

With us being 4 weeks out from Thanksgiving I wanted to take a proactive approach and just shred the weight I may gain. I found some 20 minute at home workouts on Pinterest that I think are completely achievable and doable during nap times and after bedtime. I have created an event for this to encourage anyone to join, should they wish! Just look for my Facebook page and you will find it!

I am going to include before, progress, and after pictures as well. The movers still have not delivered our things so I do not have a scale in my house so I am going to try to swing by the gym and get my starting weight as well. I am a little scared about this…we have not been eating very well for about a month with the moving shenanigans!

One thing I am also committing to is taking a picture in the same location and in the same outfit for my before, progress, and after photos. I am also going to wear some shorts that have an elastic band and aren’t lose. I feel like these are “tricks” those fitness guru’s often use to make it look like more was accomplished than really was. I want to point out…I do not know the person who made these workouts so I cannot say whether they are legit or not! I may not lose anything or tone anything!

Below are the workouts I am going to do. I am going to attempt to do cardio everyday, rotate core, lower, and upper then finish on Saturdays with just the “everything” workout.

I will do another blog at the end of the first week (next Thursday) with my before and first progress photos!

Since I am so far ahead in time of most of my friends completing this with me I may also do some videos showing modifications if some of the moves seem too difficult for any beginners. I can’t wait to see the results!

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