Oh boy…what a whirlwind of days! I wanted to cover a few of the immediate questions I have been asked!

Time difference…for my California peeps: we are 16 hours ahead of you.The best way I remember this. 12 hours plus 4. So if it is 8am there, immediately say 8pm, plus 4 hours. It is midnight here. Indiana peeps: we are 13 hours ahead of you.

Weather. It is very typical fall weather currently. It reminds me of Indiana fall. Yesterday it was a high of 59 F and sunny. This has been a wonderful break. It was still in the 90’s in California when we left! Winter comes in the middle of November. We get a lot of snow but it does not get super cold…just cold enough to snow-if that makes since!

Driving. Oh, driving! Yes, we drive on the left side of the road. I have adjusted pretty well so far but Nick has been the one driving when we have went off base. So obviously, it is weird driving on the “wrong” side of the road. And hilarious! The turn signal handle is on the right side of the steering wheel so the windshield wiper gets accidentally hit a lot. Apparently this has a name here…the Misawa Wave. Haha. I have also noticed I NEVER use my rearview mirror. It took me a minute to figure out why. Well in the US you obviously look up and to the right to check your mirror. So I automatically look at my right side mirror here to check the traffic. I find myself veering to the left a lot because I’m scared to cross the center lane. This is tricky because there are not shoulders on the roadsides so if you aren’t careful you just go in the ditch!

Another thing…we have literally messed up which was is left and which way is right. You can turn left on red here (on base) because you do not have to cross lanes of traffic. It gives us a good laugh trying to comprehend it.

Our house is on base so it is very American. We were forewarned that we would have a very small house…we do not. It is 1400 sq ft! A few things that are different in the house: the thermostats. There is a a thermostat in each room! Having a baby this is pretty nice, actually! There are storage units in the floor. We are instructed not to use them though (picture below). The sliding glass doors also have dual panes with locks on them (also picture below). These things confuse me every. single. time. You have to move so many doors! They are there to help with the cold weather.

I will have several more blogs coming up about our first outings. Stay tuned for our adventure of getting lost on our first trip out on our own! It was hilarious!

3 thoughts on “First Days in Japan

  1. Good luck with the adjustments remember you have each other so that is going to be your starting point:) remember you will also have to make sure that you are flexible with your driving as once you will get back to the US you will have to drive on the normal side for you of the road… Lastly I want to say to you and your husband Thank you for your service. I am trying to thank as many people in uniformed services for their service but also the families as well you serve and sacrifice as well so Thank you very much for both of your service.


    1. Thank you for the support! I completed 12 years in the service, as well. So I know both sides and I think that is helpful in understanding how to be a military wife! We are excited for the many adventures we will have here!

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      1. You are more than welcome. I believe that anyone who serves and their families should be thanked for their service. Having ran shops and bars for the armed forces here in England and having dated a couple of soldiers in my early 20s I know it is a hard life and not everyone is prepared for it but while I a am able I will thank as many as I can on a global scale for their service.

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