I have been a bit of a stranger for almost 10 months! Although I do not have a super exciting post right now, I will have some good stuff coming in the future 🙂 Little girl is almost 10 months so I have a full 10 months worth of motherhood knowledge that makes me an expert, right?! Not even close. Every single day I am so thankful to have her and at the same time wonder how am I going to do this for 18 years?!

There are several topics I plan on talking about as I get going again (these are based on what I have been asked about since becoming a new mom); breastfeeding will probably be first. This is the one topic I can say I have been asked about the most. Not to mention there were three women at my work breastfeeding at the same time so it was a nonstop topic! And trust me, I get it! It is amazing, frustrating, healthy for the baby, and downright scary when you are trying to figure it out. The next biggest thing…after baby weight loss. Ughhh, that stupid 34 pounds. How did it get there and how do you get rid of it?! I often get asked about this, I assume, because I was able to get back to pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly. With that being said it was not without huge effort, both during AND after pregnancy.

A few miscellaneous things I would love to write about that I wished I had known more about from people who had been through it (not from a book or google) are sleep patterns, developmental milestones, juggling work and being a mom. As I start writing again I would like to add this: please do your best to not provide negative parenting feedback. There are a million different ways to succeed as parents and I think sharing both things that worked well and things that did not work well are helpful to others who may be as clueless as I was…and continue to be, for that matter.

Another thing to look forward to is a move to Japan. So get ready for those adventures. I cannot wait to explore a new country and introduce my daughter to a new culture at such a young age. I am excited to share all these adventures with you in the near future.

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