Well I have been a little MIA lately…it turns out this whole newborn thing does not leave much free time…who would have known? 🙂 Lets see how many tries it takes me to finish this post! Little one is currently content looking at the wall while swaying in her swing but that never lasts for too long!

The last post I wrote was my 39 week pregnancy post. I had mentioned I had some headaches those last few weeks. Well at my 39 week check up my blood pressure was a little high but it did not seem to flag the nurse or my doctor but I got a headache that afternoon that just would not go away. The next afternoon it was still hurting pretty bad and my husband was getting worried so I gave the doctor a call. She was pretty concerned and told me to head to labor and delivery to have my blood pressure monitored for a little while and they would also monitor little girl to make sure she was doing okay.

We arri (FYI…I stopped here for 3 weeks-haha). Anyways-we got to the hospital around 3:00pm on Wednesday (November 18th). For about two hours I was hooked up to some super fun gadgets that monitored my blood pressure, baby girls heartbeat, and my contractions. During that time I felt some tightening but, as always, I wasn’t sure if they were contractions. I found out later that they were. During the two hours my blood pressure was bananas. It would go from being pretty normal at 122/78 and then the next reading (15 minute intervals) it would jump to 150/100. The nurse was really nice and they called my doctor with all the information and she told us that based on everything they were going to give me some Tylenol 3 to try to get rid of the headache, monitor the pain for a little bit and send me on my way. Then in the quickest change of plans EVER the on call doctor walked in and said they felt it best to induce me.

I’m not big on swearing but I swore for sure right then. Not because I was scared but because it was unexpected. You know when someone makes a decision and you emotionally accept it? I had done that and it was changed so fast I was so confused! Apparently the on call doctor and my doctor talked and decided that since I was already passed 39 weeks there was no reason to take any chances since they could not get my blood pressure stabilized. The previous day at my appointment I was not dilated at all and when the doctor checked me I was at 2cm. At this point she stripped my membranes and said they would start preparing me for induction. It was about 5:30pm at this point.

I don’t know how many of you have been induced but one of the worst things (in my opinion) is that you cannot eat once they start the Pitocin. When they told me that my awesome husband went and got me some food so that I would not starve since we knew it could be a very long process. The Pitocin was finally administered around 7:30pm. The nurse that was hooking me up explained to me that they start with one drip a minute to begin labor. During that time they monitor how the baby is doing and the point is to get my contractions to increase and begin a pattern (i.e. 4 minutes apart for an hour straight) and eventually to dilate of course. As the contractions stabilize they increase the amount.

This is where I will stop for now…I will work on Part II as soon as I can! Keep an eye out for it…I had quite the little delivery adventure 🙂

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