So there I was…39 weeks and 3 days pregnant 🙂

Weight: I am up 1 pound this week. This puts me at 34 gained total for the pregnancy. Again, I wanted to stay around 30 but I’m still within the recommended range so I will take it!

Cravings: Honestly at this point I’m really craving the things I will be able to have again once little one arrives! My first want? A black and bleu cheeseburger!

Doctor’s Appointment: I was really hoping for something awesome from this appointment. You know what we got? Nada! This girl is completely comfortable and not in a hurry to even pretend like she is coming! At last weeks appointment she said she would do a cervical check this week and sweep my membranes. Turns out she is still so high that she would not even do the membrane sweep.

After listening to the heartbeat the doctor said that at 40 weeks she will schedule me for an induction at 41 weeks but it is really most common for women to go into labor naturally between 39-41 weeks and in her experience when she schedules the induction that is when labor happens. If we make it to induction it will make our little November baby become a December baby!

Other Comments: I was pretty disappointed that I am not dilated but it honestly did not surprise me. I have had no indication of labor other than the occasional tightening which the doctor says could be contractions. Unfortunately those contractions are very random, maybe 3-4 a day, and not even frequent enough to time.

I am still working full time and plan to until Thanksgiving. I told work if I make it to Thanksgiving (3 days over my due date) I will just call it quits! If we make it to induction that means I will be off for only two or three days prior to her arrival.

I am, as most women who have made it to over 39 weeks probably are, very anxious most of the time wondering when she will decide to come! I think if I was having contractions or had lost my mucus plug, or if I had even dropped I would be a little less anxious. Or maybe not! That might make me even more anxious.For the time being I am just trying to stay busy and enjoy these last few days, or weeks, without another human being who needs my constant attention. I know free time will soon be a thing of the past!

2015-11-17 17.13.47

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