Weight: so I am going to say 2 pounds up from last week. I say it like that because I weighed myself at home and that is what it was and this afternoon at the doctor their scale said I was up 4 pounds…in one week. I’m not stressed about either of those because at this point I am swelling a lot so the doctor said a lot of these last pounds gained is going to be water weight.

Cravings: I have had a pretty big increase in appetite but nothing specific. Well maybe bread…I do think bread sounds amazing all the time.

Doctor’s Appointment: Today our doctor did an ultrasound to make sure everything looked good. Little one is head down and engaged which is good. This little one is such a mover and during the ultrasound it was no different! She would not sit still. We were hoping to get that final verification that she was “still” a girl and she had her legs crossed so we couldn’t see. As soon as the doctor would get a good pose of her she would jerk away so we did not even get a picture!

The biggest thing that came out of this appointment was I may be having contractions and I did not realize it. From anyone i have ever talked to they have made comments about knowing a real contraction because of how much pain it will cause. Well I have been having really bad back pain the last few days that causes me to stop and take a deep breath. Well apparently this could be contractions. She said it is not true that a contraction will be so painful it will stop you in your tracks. She told me to start timing my backaches because they very likely could be contractions. They have not been rhythmic at this point so I am still not too worried about being in labor but since I have had no other signs I was glad she said that those back pains could be early labor!

At this point we still do not know if I am dilated but I am still working full time. She said she sees no medical reason why I can’t keep working until the end because I am extremely healthy and showing no issues.

Other Comments: We are just so ready for her to be here! I know the longer she is in there the more she grows and develops but my patience is getting thin! I took today off just to have a day of nothing and that was nice. I know free days are about to be a thing of the past so I wanted to take advantage while I had a chance! I have definitely noticed a difference in the last week as far as how I feel. I have had a great pregnancy and I am just now experiencing that “this is miserable” feeling. I know the end is in sight though and how worth it it’s going to be when I get to hold her!

2015-11-10 17.10.08


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