Time of day labor happens?

I saw a poll the other day that showed over 80% of women saying they went into labor in the middle of the night and I was curious how accurate this was. It makes sense because I am told labor tends to happen when you are completely relaxed and sleeping I imagine causes some relaxation! Please take a second to take my little poll! Ya’ll know I love my polls 😉

Week 39

So there I was…39 weeks and 3 days pregnant 🙂

Weight: I am up 1 pound this week. This puts me at 34 gained total for the pregnancy. Again, I wanted to stay around 30 but I’m still within the recommended range so I will take it!

Cravings: Honestly at this point I’m really craving the things I will be able to have again once little one arrives! My first want? A black and bleu cheeseburger!

Doctor’s Appointment: I was really hoping for something awesome from this appointment. You know what we got? Nada! This girl is completely comfortable and not in a hurry to even pretend like she is coming! At last weeks appointment she said she would do a cervical check this week and sweep my membranes. Turns out she is still so high that she would not even do the membrane sweep.

After listening to the heartbeat the doctor said that at 40 weeks she will schedule me for an induction at 41 weeks but it is really most common for women to go into labor naturally between 39-41 weeks and in her experience when she schedules the induction that is when labor happens. If we make it to induction it will make our little November baby become a December baby!

Other Comments: I was pretty disappointed that I am not dilated but it honestly did not surprise me. I have had no indication of labor other than the occasional tightening which the doctor says could be contractions. Unfortunately those contractions are very random, maybe 3-4 a day, and not even frequent enough to time.

I am still working full time and plan to until Thanksgiving. I told work if I make it to Thanksgiving (3 days over my due date) I will just call it quits! If we make it to induction that means I will be off for only two or three days prior to her arrival.

I am, as most women who have made it to over 39 weeks probably are, very anxious most of the time wondering when she will decide to come! I think if I was having contractions or had lost my mucus plug, or if I had even dropped I would be a little less anxious. Or maybe not! That might make me even more anxious.For the time being I am just trying to stay busy and enjoy these last few days, or weeks, without another human being who needs my constant attention. I know free time will soon be a thing of the past!

2015-11-17 17.13.47

Week 38

Weight: so I am going to say 2 pounds up from last week. I say it like that because I weighed myself at home and that is what it was and this afternoon at the doctor their scale said I was up 4 pounds…in one week. I’m not stressed about either of those because at this point I am swelling a lot so the doctor said a lot of these last pounds gained is going to be water weight.

Cravings: I have had a pretty big increase in appetite but nothing specific. Well maybe bread…I do think bread sounds amazing all the time.

Doctor’s Appointment: Today our doctor did an ultrasound to make sure everything looked good. Little one is head down and engaged which is good. This little one is such a mover and during the ultrasound it was no different! She would not sit still. We were hoping to get that final verification that she was “still” a girl and she had her legs crossed so we couldn’t see. As soon as the doctor would get a good pose of her she would jerk away so we did not even get a picture!

The biggest thing that came out of this appointment was I may be having contractions and I did not realize it. From anyone i have ever talked to they have made comments about knowing a real contraction because of how much pain it will cause. Well I have been having really bad back pain the last few days that causes me to stop and take a deep breath. Well apparently this could be contractions. She said it is not true that a contraction will be so painful it will stop you in your tracks. She told me to start timing my backaches because they very likely could be contractions. They have not been rhythmic at this point so I am still not too worried about being in labor but since I have had no other signs I was glad she said that those back pains could be early labor!

At this point we still do not know if I am dilated but I am still working full time. She said she sees no medical reason why I can’t keep working until the end because I am extremely healthy and showing no issues.

Other Comments: We are just so ready for her to be here! I know the longer she is in there the more she grows and develops but my patience is getting thin! I took today off just to have a day of nothing and that was nice. I know free days are about to be a thing of the past so I wanted to take advantage while I had a chance! I have definitely noticed a difference in the last week as far as how I feel. I have had a great pregnancy and I am just now experiencing that “this is miserable” feeling. I know the end is in sight though and how worth it it’s going to be when I get to hold her!

2015-11-10 17.10.08

Week 37

Weight: I did not gain any weight this week. This keeps me right at 30 pounds gained. I was quite shocked at this since it was Halloween and I did consume more candy than I should have!

Cravings: Today I really wanted a chimichanga…but in all honesty I don’t think that has anything to do with pregnancy. I just really like chimichangas!

Doctor’s Appointment: My doctor is on vacation this week so I saw another doctor that is in the same office as mine. She was extremely nice. My primary doctor does not normally tell me my fundal height (uterus) measurements or say the heartbeat out loud and the doctor today did which was nice. This also guided me to look up what was “normal” because she said “you are right at 36” and I had no idea if that was good or bad! Apparently until 36 weeks your fundal height should be within 1cm of your current weeks of pregnancy. I also read after 36 weeks it can be a little off simply because the baby’s size is larger and depending on the position they are in it may be off a little. But I took being at 36 cm and currently being 37 weeks pregnant as a good sign! Her heartbeat was at 140.

The only question I had today was verifying I was good to still take Tylenol. I have been having some lower back pain and have avoided taking anything for it up until this point but I wanted to make sure I was still good this late in if the pain got to be too much. She said I was still fine to take acetaminophen.

Other Comments: So the big question I seem to be getting from a lot of people is “how are you feeling?” This is a tricky one. I could say a million things. My back hurts. Sleeping sucks. I can’t see my feet. But the truth is…I think I feel pretty good for being 37 weeks pregnant! I still cook dinner and clean the house. I am still walking 10,000 steps (about 4.25 miles) a day and while the constant pressure on my pelvis is awful I am still working full 8 hour days. Compared to what I often hear about and from women this close to delivery I would say I’m in pretty good shape!

I’ve read some articles that say I am now full term and others say not until 39 weeks. What is constant that I have read is that at 37 weeks the baby can come at anytime and there would unlikely be any medical issues that are caused from having her early. I would like her to just keep cooking for at least 2 more weeks. The longer she can be in there and keep her lungs maturing the better!

I have my hospital bag pretty much packed and our neighbor is a fire fighter and came over and checked our carseats for us! In terms of safety and necessities we are as ready for this little one as we can get!

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