Weight: I was up 2 pounds (in two weeks) at this doctors visit. Which is right where they say you should be. 1 pound a week! This brings my total gained to a nice round 30 pounds with 4 weeks to go. I wanted to be right at 30 total at the end but I know I am being healthy and not doing anything to cause an unhealthy gain so at this point my body is just doing what this little girl needs to be healthy!

Cravings: Nothing specific!

Doctor’s Appointment: At this appointment my doctor tested for group B strep. For those who don’t know this tests for a bacteria that they do not want passed to the baby as it is being born. It is tested by taking a giant swab in your vaginal area. It isn’t painful but just like anything…not pleasant having people mess around down there! The doctor said about 30% of women test positive for it and if they are positive when labor starts they will start you on an IV of antibiotics to avoid passing it to your newborn. I have not got the results back for that yet. She also had me check my thyroids again and those tests came back in normal range!

I, as always, had thought of a few questions for her as well! The first one I asked was how long she recommends waiting to start trying to conceive again assuming everything goes well with our birth. I asked this because we would like our kids to be close in age! She recommends waiting 15 months from one birth to the next. Her reasoning is mainly based on breastfeeding. Most doctors suggest if you are going to breastfeed to do it for at least 6 months if possible and if you are pregnant AND trying to breastfeed your calories and nutrients are being shared between breast milk and the new baby.

The second question I had for her was about cervical checks. I have a friend who recently delivered and during her cervical checks she was slowly (very slowly) dilating and it kind of made her anxious. As it would me! If I knew I was 1 cm dilated at 38 weeks I would constantly be wondering if I was going into labor. I asked her if she thought they were necessary or if I could chose to not have them. She said unless I’m telling her of symptoms that would suggest labor (watery discharge, contractions) she does not see a reason to check until 39 weeks.

At this point I will start having weekly check ups until delivery.

Other Comments: Last week I talked about swelling. I haven’t had anything like i did last week. I also changed my eating and drinking habits pretty drastically. I have been avoiding any additional salt and have been drinking SO much water. When I say so much I mean over 100 oz a day. The swelling was horrible and I am doing anything to avoid that again!

My heartburn has also not been nearly as bad. I imagine that is due to the change in diet as well. New this week though: I’ve been very nauseous. It is often in the morning and usually eating a granola bar helps it.

Still no stretch marks and my belly button still hasn’t popped out! I know both of those could very easily change in the next four weeks though! The closer the time gets the more nervous I am getting about labor itself. We have both car seats installed in our vehicles and now it is just the sit and wait until little girl decides to make her entrance!

36 weeks

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