Today I had my last birthday.

Well, the last birthday as I currently know them. You see, Nick and I go all out for birthdays. We did not do a lot to celebrate birthdays in my house growing up. Naturally one would probably think I’m making up for a childhood that was lacking (nice try, I’ve had a a lot of psychology classes) but the truth is-there is something about finding that perfect gift. You know-the one that you remember someone mentioning months before in a random passing and you buy it for them and they are completely shocked…that’s the perfect present I like to buy for people.

For the last four years of being together Nick and I have been blessed and fortunate enough to go completely all out and crazy on each other for birthdays, anniversaries, and oh man-do not even get me started on Christmas. Most people would be appalled at what we spend on each other. But we did it anyways. And we enjoyed it. This year was no different. I got my awesome husband a fancy, super comfortable recliner for his birthday a few weeks ago. Today I got a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings for my birthday.

I woke up and got to go to breakfast with my husband. Then we went to a place called Apple Hill which has hay rides, a pie house, a fudge shop, and just an all around fall festival feeling. It was amazing. On the way home we stopped at the mall and I got some fancy make-up from Sephora and a perfume I have been out of for months and kept meaning to get a new bottle of. I got to finish my day off with some birthday pizza. It was, on all counts, perfect. And the last birthday of its kind.

On our way home from all of our events Nick and I talked about how amazing it has been that we have been in a place finacially that we have not wanted for anything and have been able to spoil each other rotten on holidays. But the truth is, that needs to stop once we become parents. For several reasons. The most obvious is money. From my limited experience while getting baby stuff ready and from everything I have heard…apparently kids are expensive 🙂

The real, less obvious reason, is this: I don’t want my child to be spoiled or expect things they do not need. I know, that may sound hypocritical since I just said we have spoiled ourselves for the last four years but hear me out. I desire to have a child that knows what money means and that material things are not what define who we are as people. It is truly amazing how much this little, unborn, 4 1/2 pound person has made me think about the way I live my life and how much it should change while raising a child.

When our little girl gets here I want to be able to focus on her and teaching her to be a person of high morals and value. To me that includes not buying things that she will see as reasons to be entitled. So, for now, I have enjoyed my last birthday as I currently know them. Next year I will have an 11th month old blessing that I hope learns to see birthdays as a celebration of life and love and not only expensive presents that are purchased.

So here is to a new form of birthdays. I can’t wait!

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