I know that title is a little startling. Who in the world would ever say that?! I would. Let me explain why. My husband is not the best husband ever…because he is my husband.

I know, I know, what does that even mean? On almost a daily basis I see Facebook posts about reasons why husbands are the best ever and it is always interesting and amazing to me. I do it too. I come home to flowers for no reason and I post a picture and brag about my husband. Which is fine. We are all entitled to that. But then I also wonder-are we making it seem like if our husband does not do those things there is something wrong? Is our marriage void of something? No, it is not.

My husband is the best husband ever, for me. Not for you. Not for anyone else. That is the point of marriage. Finding someone who completes you as a person and knows just what you need on those bad days.

A specific situation comes to mind. Some of you may or may not know-I am obsessed with Christmas. I mean obsessed. It is the most amazing thing in the whole world to me. Last year around Christmas I was working on a weekend and I went to go get lunch and I was shocked to find the entire inside of my car decked out with Christmas decorations. It was perfect. I had lights, garland, and ornaments! I remember telling someone about it and they had this blank look on their face and said something along the lines of “that is a little weird.” Well it might be…to you. If you don’t have my love for Christmas then of course it would be weird to you if your husband decked out your car for Christmas.

It goes the opposite way as well. My husband is always posting the sweetest things about me on Facebook. It is amazing to me and a way he shows his love. Even just this morning I woke to a note on the fridge that says “It’s Almost Your Birthday!!!” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “he is so sweet. I wish my husband was like that.” Do you really? Yes, it is nice to see what married people do for each other but should we really wish our husbands treated us differently based on what someone else’s husband has done for them?

I love seeing the posts. You know the “Came home to ice cream. I’m the luckiest girl alive!” Awe! That is awesome. But I don’t want ice cream (well…I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant-I always want ice cream). Your husband bought you a motorcycle? That is amazing-for you. I certainly would not want one!

I do know this. I am thankful to have my husband exactly as he is. He knows what I need on my good days and even more what I need on my bad days. I also know that as we raise our little girl she will see and know exactly how a man is supposed to treat a woman and that is the best feeling in the world. So to all you wives out there I just encourage you to take all those posts and comments as comfort in knowing what is making someone else happy is not what is required to make you happy. We should not be comparing our marriage to each others but rather building a foundation that makes it the best marriage for ourselves.

Strive to have the best husband and marriage ever, for you.

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