Calling all my moms!

So I have been super terrified about being one of those “oh they had to induce me at 42 weeks because I wasn’t going into labor naturally” stories. So after many searches and googles I was happily surprised to find polls that showed the average woman going into labor between 39-40 weeks. I was so stinking excited. My original due date from LMP is 25 November…yea, take a look at a calendar-that is the day before Thanksgiving! I am not even trying to be in a hospital when I could be home eating some green bean casserole, rolls, and pie (those are my favs).

Then my doctor ruined it! I mentioned it during one of our monthly appointments and she quickly brushed it off and said not to read too much into what I had researched. She said she was sure if a poll was done on just first time moms the results would probably much more likely show between 40-41 weeks. So I want to do some of my own research 🙂 Please tell me when you went into labor! If you have more than one child please use your experience with your first one. Thanks, all!

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