Hopefully these next 6 weeks worth of blogs will be a little better since I am writing them as they happen! I had a lot of questions for the doctor today so there is a lot of information in this one 🙂

Weight: This is a tough one this week! My doctor’s scale and mine were 2 lbs different and even when I got home tonight I was still in shock and I checked again and my scale was still different. But according to the doctor I gained 7 lbs in 3 weeks. I almost had a bit of a breakdown but in all honesty-I am eating well and walking like crazy so I do not even know what I could change. This puts me at a total of 28 gained. I’m very curious to see what my weight is at my 36 week appointment!

Cravings: Nothing specific. I still want ALL the junk food.

Doctors Visit: So of course I brought up the weight. Even my doctor looked at me and remeasured the baby and was like “I have no idea where you could have possibly gained 7 pounds at.” Well that makes two of us! The questions I had for the doctor she answered pretty much in the way I expected. The first question I asked was what would make her consider a c-section. I really want to do a vaginal birth so this has been a huge concern of mine. She said if the baby is breech or the heart rate was dropping and they could not get it back up were reasons she would immediately do a c-section. She also said if they had induced and I was not dilating she would do one. I then asked her how long she would let me push before a c-section and she said she doesn’t want to go over 4 hours. That actually was a little shocking to me.

Another question I had was what she would consider a healthy calorie intake after the baby was born to still have enough for me and the baby while breastfeeding. I know when breastfeeding they want you to consume about 500 extra calories. In my head I was thinking 2000 calories is where I wanted to be. 1500 for me and 500 extra for the baby. She looked legitimately appalled at my numbers. She said I need 1800-2000 on my own and then the 500 for baby on top of that. 2300 calories seems like a lot to me!

She said by my size she thinks the baby is measuring around 4 pounds and she expects me to deliver a 7 pound baby. That was a good number for me. I also asked if she can currently tell the position and she said she is definitely head down but at 37 weeks they will do another ultrasound just to make sure she is positioned well. I was so excited when she said we will do another ultrasound. Hopefully that will clear my anxiety of being absolutely certain we are having a girl!

Other Comments: Well some things about the last few days…I have officially removed my wedding rings. I haven’t had a lot of swelling but there were a few days that made me a little nervous so I went ahead and just took them off just to be safe. So time of death on wedding rings? 33.5 weeks! I thankfully do have a band with some diamonds in it that was too big for me prior to getting pregnant so I have just been wearing it!

I have still been walking as exercise in hopes of not blowing up at the end like I know can be common! As a reference to how much I walk-I try to do 8,000 steps a day. When you buy a sports band such as a VivoFit or FitBit the goal it is programmed at is 10,000 steps a day to help people who want to lose weight. So I would say I walk about a mile less then what is considered normal for a healthy day-to-day amount. My belly button still hasn’t popped out yet! It is very strange feeling though! It almost has an elastic feeling to it.

Tonight when I got home I was sure I saw a stretch mark. I had a little cry and then kind of looked again and couldn’t find it. Maybe it was my uniform? I’m not sure…but I’m preparing myself anyways. I know they could make their appearance at anytime! My next appointment will be at 36 weeks!

34 Weeks

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