Weight: 168. Up 2 pounds in 3 weeks and a total weight gain of 21 pounds.

Cravings: The snapple tea wore off. No specific cravings but rather I want to eat ALL the time. And it is never anything good. I want cookies and chips, burgers and fries 🙂

Doctors Visit: This was a super quick visit! She talked to us about getting a breast pump and thinking about maternity pictures. She also brought up that we were encouraged to go to the hospital and pre-register soon so that once we were there for the real deal it would go a little quicker. The appointments from 20 weeks until this point have honestly been very fast. 10 minutes tops! She usually goes over a few things (labs, suggestions to prepare for baby), checks the heartbeat, and measures my uterus to make sure the baby is measuring correctly. I know the less ideal ones are soon to come. I believe at 36 weeks is when they will start checking my cervix. Ouch.

Other Comments: This was when the gifts started to flow in. And oh man we are thankful! We had two baby showers right at 32 weeks. One at work and then my sister-in-law had one for us three days after that. Let me tell you about the cardboard boxes we collected during this time. Yikes! Also, a lesson I learned…stick to people’s registries or get them gift cards from where they are registered at! I only say this because everyone loves buying baby clothes (me included!) and this little girls closet is packed! I can’t get over the clothes people bought!

Speaking of registries…we were skeptical about what to register for because we didn’t want people to think we were asking for too much. Register for it! Some of the larger items we received because several people pitched in together to buy them and we could not be more thankful! I honestly had put a good sum of money aside thinking we would have to buy a lot of things ourselves and we honestly barely bought anything! We have a few items left at this point (breast pump and stock piling diapers) but other than that we are ready for this baby! I plan on posting about registering and the nursery later this week so keep an eye out for that!

32 weeks

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