Hellloooo 3rd Trimester!

Weight: 166. Up 6 pounds for the month and a total weight gain of 19 pounds. I had a little bit of a breakdown at this appointment. Seeing a 6 pound weight gain in one month is a little terrifying! The doctor was not worried about it at all since I was still well within a normal weight gain range.

Cravings: Still the tea.

Doctors Visit: You will most likely hear that when you hit 28 weeks you will go from having 4 week appointments to having 2 week appointments. My doctor said she felt I was doing well enough that it was not necessary and she wanted to do two appointments at 3 weeks apart and then start the 2 week appointments. I was a little bummed about this because going to the doctor gives me a great peace of mind being able to hear the heartbeat. At the same time it was a nice feeling knowing she was not worried about anything with my pregnancy. As I mentioned in the weight section, I was pretty freaked out. She assured me that if she felt like I was gaining too much she would let me know. The baby was not measuring big and that is what she would be concerned about.

Other Comments: Remember how I mentioned the snoogle earlier in my updates? Well this is around the time it came back out. I think it didn’t work well before because my belly just wasn’t big enough. But this is the time when sleeping without some additional support got tricky. Around 30 weeks it got pretty tough to lay comfortably so I gave the snoogle another chance. I still don’t know if it is actually helping or if it is just mentally helping. Either way-I’m using it! This is also when the insomnia starting kicking in. I wish this on no pregnant woman ever. It is miserable! When I say I have insomnia I mean I will be wide awake hanging out in the living room watching some Law & Order for about 2 hours (usually around 2:30-4:30 am) at least twice a week. Getting out of bed and trying to clear my mind by watching a few shows usually helps me get sleepy again.

Movement…oh the movement of this little child. I will never complain because these kicks and rolls are a good indication of a healthy baby but whew…the bigger they get the more she is doing some zumba or karate in there! It is fun to see my whole belly jump around.

28 weeks30 weeks

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