Weight: 160. Up 3 pounds for the month and a total weight gain of 13 pounds. I was very inconsistent with weight gain throughout the pregnancy. I think it was because I would have a good month and then allow myself to walk less and then gain more (check out next months gain…yikes again!!)

Cravings: This is when I started craving Snapple Raspberry Tea. It was out of nowhere and I have still had the craving off and on.

Doctors Visit: At this visit the doctor ordered my labs for the glucose test and had me get my thyroid levels checked again. The glucose test is a big deal because it checks for gestational diabetes. You go and drink this super sweet orange drink. It reminded me of tang that was made with too much sugar. You then sit for an hour while your body reacts to the drink and then have your blood drawn. Thankfully, my results were all normal. From what I am told if you “fail” this test you have to go back and do it again but for 3 hours instead of 1. If you fail the 3 hour test you will get placed on a very strict diet and can possibly even have to take insulin injections.

Other Comments: So I haven’t discussed it yet but here it is…this is when the boob situation happened for me. Since I wear a uniform most days I was wearing a lot of sports bras. Well when I tried to wear a normal bra it was like when you open the tube of biscuits and the dough is oozing out of the edges. It was time for new bras for sure but I didn’t want to spend too much money on them because I knew nursing bras were in my near future and those bad boys are expensive! By this time I was up 2 sizes and not happy. I am already large chested and these things just keep growing. Oh the joys…

Around this time is also when I started to get “the line.” You know, the dark line that appears from the pubic bone up to your belly button while pregnant. Its official name is a linea nigra and it is, along with most pregnancy related symptoms, due to hormones. Another popular pregnancy wonder is the belly button. Mine has not popped out at this point. Skin…I hear a lot of people have horrible skin while pregnant. This is the opposite for me. I had okay skin prior to pregnancy with some random blemishes and pimples here and there but during pregnancy I have had amazing skin. This terrifies me for after pregnancy! I did have a couple new moles appear which the doctor said was completely normal!
24 weeks26 weeks

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