Weight: 157. So up 5 pounds in one month (yikes) and a total gain of 10 pounds at the hallway point. Since I was “average” weight (seriously…I hate those categories) the doctor said I should gain a total of 25-35 pounds for my pregnancy. That didn’t stop me from being super paranoid…ALL the time.

Cravings: Around this time I was craving pineapple SO bad. I figured that wasn’t too shabby of a craving since it is pretty good for you 🙂

Doctors Visit: We had two visits during this month. At 20 weeks is when we had our anatomy scan and then we also had our traditional doctor appointment with the OB. The picture to the right shows my “Old Wives Tales” and as you can see-most of them definitely pointed to our little one being a boy. Nick swore from the beginning we were having a girl. And I mean that was, if I remember correctly, the first thing out of his mouth-“it’s going to be a girl.”Old Wives

The scan went well and everything that was supposed to be there-was. The technician agreed with our doctor from our 16 week scan-we were having a girl. After all the measurements the technician put our due date 3 days prior to the date calculated by my last menstrual period (LMP) which seemed right on track. Since we used ovulation tests I knew I was about 3 days earlier than what my LMP was saying. This put our estimated due date to 22 November (Original 25 November).

During this doctors visit something odd happened. We were sitting in the room waiting and all the sudden you can hear my doctor running down the hall yelling “what? She wasn’t supposed to go this early!” Apparently one of her other patients went into labor. Haha. So during this visit I saw a nurse practitioner who listened to the heartbeat and for the first time I got my uterus measured. It is really odd to have someone take a measuring tape to your stomach just FYI.

Other Comments: This month was the month that I definitely started “showing.” I was still pretty small but around 22 weeks is when even Nick was like oh wow, you are getting a belly finally. Around 22 weeks is also when Nick could feel the baby for the first time. I kept making him feel when I felt movement but it just wasn’t hard enough for him to feel yet.

20 WeeksIt's a Girl!


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