Weight: 152. At my 16 week doctor appointment I was down 1 pound from the previous appointment with a total weight gain of 5 pounds.

Cravings: None that I remember. I can say the things I normally enjoyed were really the things I kept wanting. For instance, my favorite “cheat” meal when I want something junky is a Black -n- Bleu burger. If you don’t know this-you can’t have bleu cheese during pregnancy and it has been the hard thing for me to not have.

Doctors Visit: At this doctors visit we had another abdominal ultrasound and a bunch more blood work. I learned quickly on at each visit it seems there is some form of test and at EVERY visit peeing in that stupid cup. It was almost annoying to go through the song and dance of peeing in a cup and then watching the technician dip a little stick in it and dump it out. I finally asked what they check for and it is the sugar levels. Nick and I decided to pass on any screening for disorders. Here they call it California Screening. We, personally, would not terminate if a disorder was indicated so we didn’t think that test was necessary. Our doctor also asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby if she could get a good shot. Of course, we did. She said she was pretty certain that it was a girl. Me, being me, asked her what number she would give us. She felt comfortable with an 85% chance that it was a girl!

Other Comments: I am a stomach sleeper and this was around the time that by belly was getting big enough that I could not quite sleep on it anymore. Nick bought me one of those snoogles (it’s a pregnancy pillow) and I tried it out. I did not like that thing. At all. You are supposed to preferably sleep on your left side while pregnant. I was able to do that pretty comfortably by sleeping with a pillow in between my legs. I would wake up often on my back. I mentioned it to my doctor. She said as long as I didn’t make a habit out of sleeping on my back it was fine.

This was also the time I felt movement for the first time! I thought  I felt a flutter around 17 weeks but was not quite sure. Then during the 19th week I definitely felt movement. It is hard to say what it feels like. Some people think it feels like gas, others say a little pop like popcorn. For me it felt like when you get butterflies in your stomach.

16 weeksUS 16 weeks

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