Since I am doing all of this after the fact I will try my very best to recollect what I felt and what took place at the doctors office! As I have mentioned previously I saw the doctor a little earlier than most may have because I was considered high risk. This early on there really wasn’t a lot going on.

Weight: Since I was running so much and stopped cold turkey (and was in Indiana on vacation eating tons of yummy Amish food!) I gained about five pounds prior to even seeing the doctor at 8 weeks. Oops! But I use the starting weight that the doctor weighed me at during the first visit. So, starting weight was 147.

Cravings: None.

Doctors Visit: Since I had the subchorionic bleed the doctor did an abdominal ultrasound to take a look at the baby. At that point they really are not much to see! But since it was the second time we got to see the baby and heartbeat we did tell our immediate family at this time. After seeing a heartbeat the chance of miscarriage drops drastically so we felt a little better about telling them this early.

Other Comments: We were very excited about our doctor-she is amazing! Since I had a previous miscarriage she was very sympathetic and said she would do abdominal ultrasounds every visit she was able to, at least until I started feeling movement. Even though everything you read will say using lotion will not stop stretch marks-I used it anyways! Also, at this visit she did blood work to check my thyroid and make sure the changing hormones were not throwing me off too much.

10 weeks

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