Well after we finally made it through the entire miscarriage nightmare I contemplated how much energy we were putting into trying to get pregnant. I think a lot of people will understand when I say…”trying” to get pregnant is stressful and can take a serious emotional toll! Each month when that dreaded period comes it was like having a little mini heartbreak before getting excited to start trying again. Even though it was absolutely nothing I did it was almost like a feeling of failure that the pregnancy didn’t stick. My doctor retested my thyroid labs shortly after the miscarriage and I went on the medicine so that gave me a positive outlook that if that had something to do with the miscarriage I was getting it under control.

From October-December of 2014 we continued doing the ovulation tests and I started running again. I told myself if I wasn’t pregnant by the new year I would finally sign up for my first half marathon. For my non-runners out there…race fees can get very expensive and I just knew as soon as I signed up for a race I would get pregnant. Well January rolled around and I signed up for that half marathon! During this time I had to get lab tests done every 6-8 weeks to check my thyroid because it takes at least 4 weeks for your body to respond to adjusted medicine.

In about my 10th week of training I hurt my hip pretty bad. I was not a good runner while training and putting in all those miles…I never did the portion of training that included strength training or even the long stretches I should have been doing. The plan was to complete my half marathon in San Francisco and then we were flying to my hometown in Northern Indiana. This was all supposed to happen at the end of March. In the middle of March I started having some similar symptoms that I did previously when we were pregnant and had the miscarriage. I had some slight brownish spotting, I was cramping, and my boobs were sore. As many people know, this is also many of the same symptoms that happen prior to starting your period! Well one night Nick wanted to go have sushi for dinner. Since you cannot have sushi while pregnant I just had a hunch and gut feeling to take a pregnancy test. At this time I was one day late for my period. I thought well, what can it hurt? And sure enough, it was positive! For those of you who do not know me let me tell you-I rarely swear. It is just not something I typically do. Let me tell you…I swore that day!

At this point I still planned on trying to do my half marathon. I knew within your first trimester it is generally considered safe to continue any type of activity that your body was already familiar with. Well the doctor seemed to think differently. Since you normally will not see your OB for pregnancy until 10-12 weeks I spoke with my normal primary doctor and she recommended that due to my previous miscarriage and having never run a half marathon that it probably wasn’t a good idea. We had learned our lesson about telling anyone we were pregnant this early on from last time so now I had to think up some way to tell people why I wasn’t running because all I had talked about for months was doing that race! I was actually thankful that I had a slight hip injury so I could use that as an excuse!

The next big obstacle was the visit home. At that time I was only 6 weeks pregnant so we were not telling anyone! We had the three hour time difference we could use for me being so sleepy and thankfully I was in pretty good shape from all the training that even with the slight bloating there was no physical signs of pregnancy. But being around my family that I only get to see once a year it was VERY hard to not tell them we were pregnant! But we made it through. I decided once we got home that I needed to make sure I ran as much as I was allowed (the doctor said 6 miles was good through the first trimester and 3 miles through the second). When we got home from Indiana I was about 7 week pregnant. I started having some slight brownish spotting and I knew that this was normal sometimes but with a previous miscarriage I figured I would be cautious and give the doctor a call. I was considered high risk so I already had an appointment for the next week but the doctors office wanted me to go ahead and go to the ER just in case. My HCG levels were all where they should be and we got an ultrasound. An ultrasound technician will not typically let you see the screen or say anything to you until a doctor has reviewed it. Well she turned the screen and showed us our little bean and it was amazing.

When the ER doctor came in he said there was one live fetus with a heartbeat of 171 present. The cause of the slight spotting was I had several subchorionic bleeds. A subchorionic bleed is when a clot forms between the uterus and placenta. Sometimes they can be dangerous and other times they will just absorb. The next week at our first OB appointment the doctor was not at all worried about them. She told us they were not in a dangerous location that would create any type of separation and she did an abdominal ultrasound and we got to see the little one again and see the heartbeat. It was the most amazing thing ever. And that was the beginning of the journey we are on now! To learn more about how each month was please take a look at my bUmP Dates!

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