Oh where to begin…our little journey trying to get pregnant was not easy for us. At the same time, I know it is a lot more difficult for others! I remember very clearly the day we decided to “try.” We were driving to watch our niece play softball and we started talking about baby names. I made a comment along the lines of  “when we start trying” and Nick came back with “I think I’m ready to start trying.” And that next week I scheduled an appointment to get my annual girly girl checkup and make sure there were no obvious reasons I could not start trying and I got put on some prenatal vitamins to make sure I was getting all the good nutrients I needed! We had already made the decision for me to stop taking any form of birth control right before we got married because we knew we would want to start trying to get pregnant within our first year of marriage. This was in April of 2014.

Because I am me, I started researching everything! The best days (14-16) of the monthly cycle to conceive, what I should do (cut back on caffeine and alcohol) and a million other things I learned. At this time I was working part time for a bank and there were days I could sleep for 12 hours and still be exhausted. I kept thinking “man, am I depressed?” Then one day I was so exhausted I could barely move AND I started getting a migraine. I went to the doctor and after a million questions she determined I may have a thyroid issue. Let me tell you, I am a pretty healthy person and run and take care of myself so when someone was telling me I may have a health issue that has to be controlled with medicine I freaked out. This was in June of 2014.

When the test results came back it was true, I had hypothyroidism. Which I am told is better than hyperthyroidism but that did not really matter to me. My tests were right on the line of being normal so the doctor decided not to put me on medicine at that time. I wish I had looked into it a little more when it happened because I later learned that the thyroid controls your metabolism and hormones in your body which can really mess with your ability to conceive. So ladies, listen to me! If you have any of the following symptoms get your blood work done. Especially if you are closing in on 30 or over 30-apparently this is when it is most common. The main symptoms are: unexplained exhaustion, trouble losing weight, constipation, always cold, and sometimes hair loss. Anyways, she wanted to have me re-accomplish the tests in 6 months or if I got pregnant.

Over the next few months we focused on trying during days 14-16 just like everything I read said to do. Well a girl that I work with through the Air Force Reserves was also trying to conceive and she mentioned that she uses ovulation test strips so that she knows the actual days she is ovulating. So guess what I did? I went out and bought some of those bad boys! And guess what? I was glad I did! It turns out my ovulation days were not normal! My first fertile day each month was usually the 11th or 12th day instead of the 13th or 14th. I could have been missing conception each month by one or two days. We used them for the first time in July. At the beginning of August we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant! Only three months of trying and we got pregnant on our first try using the ovulation strips. Unfortunately for us, and about 20% of other women, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

This ended the first half of our journey to conception. Please see my next post, The Miscarriage, to continue through the step-by-step journey we went on at that point. If you prefer to just know about all the good stuff-skip straight to The Process of Conceiving Part II!

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