I figured it was overdue time to update my “About Me” section! I have been blogging for over a year now and a lot has changed! My name is Brittainy; welcome to my outlet…my blog! My husband, daughter, two dogs, and I are currently located in Japan. The military moved us here just two weeks ago! Please like and follow my blog and hang out with me as we discover Japan, learn how to raise an almost one year old, bake, learn to cook Japanese food, and whatever other messes I can find!

Moving to Japan has changed the dynamics of our family drastically. I have always worked and coming here it is a little more difficult to find my line of work in the government. That has made me an accidental stay-at-home mom! I will be writing very soon about a lot of DIY crafts related to celebrating a little ones first birthday. I am going to do her smash cake and photo shoot myself 🙂


12717457_1175116719172775_3788745029230914420_nSome other things about me…I love running. If you have read my introduction post you have learned that when we found out I was pregnant I was training for my first half marathon. It was scheduled 2 weeks after that. In my first pregnancy post, The Process of Conceiving, I talk more in depth about that. UPDATE: I actual ran my first half marathon 5 1/2 months after having our little girl! I have a B.A. in Sociology and I am currently in Graduate school earning my degree in Education, School Counseling. I LOVE to bake and will probably post a lot about that on here as well. . In all honesty, I love doing a million little hobbies including photography, crafting, disc golf, but I am not a master at any of them.

If there is anything else you would like to know about me please let me know!

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